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"In the end it was their wickedness that destroyed them.  Blood rained upon the cracked earth in great torrents, trees became as ash, and children were born as monsters.  It was only due to the direct intervention of the gods, led by Pelor himself, that complete extinction was averted."
-Revelations of Pelor Volume II.  Seneca Temple in Atlas City.

"On the eighth day the fourth seal cracked.  The soul terrors that followed assured our doom."
-Ancient Parchment from the Oilon Ruins.  Incomplete fragment.

The world that once was is long gone.  Swept into the annals of history nearly two thousand years ago by the will of the gods and a cataclysm of unimaginable magnitude.  Yet from the darkest night a new day has dawned.  From the ashes arise the nations of men, dwarves, elves, and orcs.

For humanity this is a time of unprecedented progress and technological enlightenment.  Their capital city of Atlas has grown rich with trade and conquest and boasts a small population of virtually every known race in the world.

Yet the brightest sun casts the darkest shadow.  As the priests of Pelor crown the newest in the great line of Sun Kings a dark tendril stirs in the wilderness to the East.  A malaise that grips human and halfling colonies alike runs rampant.  Rumors spread like wildfire of marauding orcs to the North, of dead men walking in ancient woods, and of children possessed on distant homesteads.

The pressure on the newly crowned Sun King grows until Avalon cannot help but take notice.  After consulting his personal Oracle, the Sun King dispatches an Inquisitor of the church to investigate the matter.

"Take with you a dozen soldiers, a captain of the guard, and a collection of Avalon's greatest talent as you see fit.  You are hereby granted permission to requisition a riverboat built for war and are granted a waiver up to five-hundred platinum for all other expenses."
-Inquisitorial Mandate: Signed by Archibald Dominus and Sun King Alexis III.

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